December 10, 2023


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4 Surprising Reasons Why Farting Is Very Good For You

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4 Surprising Reasons Why Farting Is Very Good For You

Even though it is often considered embarrassing, farting is a normal and natural occurrence.
It’s the by-product of a digestive system at work.
Farting is the gas your body produces as a part of breaking down and processing food.

If you didn’t pass gas, you could experience uncomfortable, even painful, issues like bloating.

Farting is a sign that your body, specifically your digestive tract is working as it should.


Here are other benefits of farting:

1. Reduces abdominal pain

As you eat, chew, swallow, and process food, gas will collect in your digestive tract, and taking in so much can eventually cause pain and discomfort. But farting eliminates that gas and any pain or pressure with it.


2. Reduces bloating

Too much gas in your digestive tract can cause bloating, or a feeling of swelling and fullness. It can be uncomfortable, but it’s rarely dangerous.

Relieving gas as the urge arises can help reduce bloating and any symptoms along with it.

3. Tells you if your diet is balanced

A diet that includes lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and grains is considered balanced and healthy and should produce gas.

Certain types of carbohydrates cannot always be broken down in your digestive tract. Instead, they will ferment for a bit in the large intestine before being removed during a bowel movement. Fermentation produces gas.

However, If you ate only a diet of simple carbohydrates, you might not produce as much gas and that does not show signs of a healthy diet.

4. It can help you identify food allergies

Farting when you eat certain foods should not make you don’t jump to conclusions that you have food allergies, and start cutting out entire food groups. But to an extent, difficulty in passing gas, painful bloating, or foul-smelling gas may indicate food allergies.


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