December 10, 2023


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Angel mom: Biden, Dems ‘spitting on the faces of all legal immigrants’

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This is a rush transcript from “The Ingraham Angle,” January 21, 2021. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: All right. Fantastic show. I’m Laura Ingraham. This is “The Ingraham Angle” with a jam-packed show tonight. So, there’s no time to waste. Uniting behind lawlessness. That’s the focus of tonight’s angle. 

Now, they weren’t featured at last night’s tedious Zoom inaugural concerts and they weren’t highlighted in his campaign commercials but meet some of Joe Biden’s new presidential priorities.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Police say Fernando Lopez, an undocumented transient, used a knife to stab five people at Grace Baptist Church, which was serving as a homeless shelter.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A man who was in the country illegally is now charged along with another suspect in the rape and deadly attack of a 64-year-old woman.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Another case that sparked debate over Santa Clara County sanctuary policy, the killing of Bambi Larson. The suspect was an undocumented immigrant who had been arrested multiple times.


INGRAHAM: In an executive order Biden thought was so important, he had to issue it on day one. The administration purports to have the authority to halt all deportations from the U.S., even those that have been fully adjudicated. Now, this is both profoundly dangerous and profoundly revealing, dangerous for all the obvious reasons. Biden’s move will cause an explosion in violent crime and COVID. 

Tens of thousands of migrant criminals and traffickers are already rushing the border right now. They clearly got the amnesty memo. In fact, today, Biden sent his mass amnesty bill over to Congress.

So, my question to all of you tonight is, is this why Biden was elected? Was this his mandate? Absolutely not. So why is he doing this?

In part, he’s doing it to satisfy his party’s radical open borders caucus. AOC and the gang are eager to replace native born Americans and lawful immigrants with foreigners who came here illegally. 

Now, this they hope will hasten the cleansing of the country, which they believe is systemically racist. A crush of new illegal immigrants fully programmed by BLM approved curricula and Far Left cultural influences think the entertainment industry and social media, the only hope for a nation scarred by 40, 74 million voters who supported the Trump agenda and voted for President Trump. 

But the overriding reason for Biden’s border and amnesty move, is far more nefarious. This is about cutting labor costs and giving the business community more power over workers. This isn’t about helping Hispanic voters or atoning for American sins, it’s about putting money in the pockets of Biden’s donors. 

Now, anyone who cares about working class Americans of all races should oppose this giveaway to the rich. I was thinking this today, if Biden wants to help poor people in other countries, he should propose raising taxes on rich Americans and sending that money overseas. 

He should have campaigned on that. Instead, what he plans to do is to impoverish millions of Americans to help his donors. It’s a disgusting, despicable act of greed. Also, turning a blind eye to immigration related crime is more of a confirmation of the fraud that was the Democrats’ Capitol crackdown. 

Now they care about law and order when the angry mob sends them scurrying for cover. But when some poor Hispanic American family is trying to save their son from MS-13 and let’s say Oakland, California. Well, Pelosi and the gang, they just look the other way. 

When a landscaper, a construction worker, can no longer support his family on a salary because wages have been driven down due to the flood of illegal workers. Team Biden doesn’t care. 

The American people are just collateral damage on the road to their open borders, nirvana. Now, here’s what’s in the slew of executive orders Biden signed, so he’s seriously going to be curtailing interior enforcement, stopping deportations for 100 days, if you believe that, just 100 days. Halting construction and funding for the border wall, ending travel restrictions from hotbeds of terrorism and reinstating DACA, requiring illegals be counted in the census. 

Now, every single one of those provisions hurts the average American. How? Lower wages, more crime, crowded schools, increased terror threat stretch local budgets, a total nightmare. And as I said, if you believe the deportation stoppage is only going to be part of the branded 100-day effort, I have a bridge to sell you. Of course, the Biden flaks are already, though, trying to sell you the Golden Gate.


JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: This pause will allow the administration to review and reset enforcement policies and ensure that resources are dedicated to the most pressing challenges.


INGRAHAM: More lies. Anyone who has entered the U.S. illegally before November 1st, 2020, will have their deportations halted. By the way, how will Biden really reprioritize enforcement when nearly everyone being removed now or when Trump was president already had a criminal record? 

Now, according to ICE, the vast majority of interior removals, 92 percent had criminal convictions or pending criminal charges, including 4276 known or suspected gang members and 31 known or suspected terrorists. 

My friends, this is a catastrophe. The tsunami of illegals trying to cross the border has been building for months. U.S. Border Patrol agents apprehended nearly 200 and 8000 (ph) migrants during the first quarter of the fiscal year 2021. That begins in October, who illegally crossed the southwest border between ports of entry. This is the highest first quarter figure since the fiscal year 2000. Wow. 

Now, don’t forget anyone who questions Biden’s dangerous border giveaway, anyone who raises any questions about what I’ve told you tonight will be vilified. 


PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: The harsh, ugly reality, the racism, nativism, fear, demonization has long torn us apart. The battle is perennial, and victory is never assured.


INGRAHAM: Sorry, I almost fell asleep during that. Now the Biden establishment expands beyond Democrats, and it’s the global establishment. Those are – that’s music to their ears. They always stick together on this issue as they stick it to the poor and the middle class.


GEORGE W. BUSH, FORMER PRESIDENT: We’ve seen nationalism distorted into nativism and forgotten the dynamism that immigration has always brought to America. 

CHARLIE DENT, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: This ugly populism that he embraces and the protectionism. 

SEN. DICK DURBIN, D-ILL.: Nativism and prejudice against immigrants. 

BARACK OBAMA, FORMER PRESIDENT: That’s nativism or xenophobia. 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He must decide whether we will continue to be prisoners of the darkest of American forces.


INGRAHAM: Oh, my God. Those are the elites, we’re in trouble. OK, so the violent drug dealers, human traffickers, gang bangers, those aren’t the dark forces. According to Jon Meacham, historian. 

The American people who support legal, but not illegal immigration are the dark forces. Oh, I got it. This is a really simple game of our plan here. Very easy. Now on the issue of the border, as with so many other issues, Democrats are going to – they’re going to claim to be champions of the disadvantaged as they promote policies that make life more difficult for working class Americans and the disadvantaged. 

So just tonight, we learned that thousands of National Guardsmen were forced to vacate the U.S. Capitol and are now taking their rest breaks outside in a nearby parking garage. OK, so the question is, why are our National Guard troops still in Washington? 

Every governor should insist that they be pulled out and treated like American heroes, not second-class citizens. Or maybe they should just be treated as well as the people crossing the border illegally. 

But don’t forget that from the perspective of Pelosi, Schumer and Biden, the guard represents a racist and white supremacist threat to our country. So naturally, they’re going to be treated worse than illegal immigrants or people who’ve already been ordered deported. 

The media’s dishonesty in covering this issue, like so many other issues do a huge disservice to all of you out there watching and any of you still reading their tedious newspapers.

So, why is it that every pending deportation that you read about or hear about seems to involve a college valedictorian who works weekends at a food bank. The drama always goes one way for them. Now, this is one story you won’t see featured on the Today show. Another future Biden voter, I suppose.

Yes, well, Democrats mistake the plaudits that they’re getting from the press and other liberal organizations for support among average voters who feel like government is getting too big and too powerful. The bottom-line, a government that’s hell bent on enforcing mask mandates and the Grand Canyon but that refuses to enforce its own borders won’t be popular for long. And that’s the angle. 

Joining me now is Angel Mom, Agnes Gibboney. Her son, Ronald de Silva, was killed in April 2002 by a previously deported illegal immigrant gang member. Ronald was ruthlessly gunned down while standing in his driveway. His birthday is next week. He would have been 48 years old. 

Agnes, when the President of the United States makes it one of his top priorities in his first 24 hours in office to halt deportations. How does that make you feel?

AGNES GIBBONEY, SON KILLED BY AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT: I feel as a legal immigrant that this government is spitting on the faces of every legal immigrant in this country that contributed to this nation. 

As of January 20th, United States officially became the socialist un-United States of America. We are no longer citizens. We are second class citizens. And it’s a disgrace. We have a COVID issue in this country. We need money to help our country. But no, let’s bring thousands more into our country who are not going to be able to contribute. 

In 1986, we had a President Reagan gave an amnesty. Why don’t we investigate those 3 million people, see how much they contributed to the economy of this country, see how many are in prison, see how many returned to their country of origin, and then decide if we’re going to open the gate to let a flood of millions of millions of people. That’s going to become a burden on taxpayers. 

Our taxes are going to go up to maintain them. That’s not right. And it’s not fair for–

INGRAHAM: Agnes when you hear a former U.S. president and the current president. All talk in unison about how complaints about amnesty or halting deportations an ugly example of nativism is just. You’re a legal immigrant. What do you say to them that includes President Bush, President Obama, President Clinton, and President Biden?

GIBBONEY: If they would only follow the constitution of this country that none of the congressmen and women in D.C. are being held accountable to. Look, Pelosi said, it would be harmful to unity to skip Trump’s impeachment trial. Harmful to whom? To her ego. This insanity needs to stop. And I say always 45, never 46. I will not accept this president. He is throwing a pie in the face of every American citizen and everybody, the 74 million that voted for President Trump.

INGRAHAM: Agnes, how often do you think of your son, Ronald, throughout the course of a day as a mother?

GIBBONEY: Every day. I think about him every day. Next Thursday will be his 49th birthday. I have been ripped away 19 years for my son. I celebrate his birthday at the cemetery. No mother or father should go to celebrate their child’s birthday, caressing a cold stone on the ground. He should be here, so I could hug him, so he could hug me back. So, he can tell me, Happy Mother’s Day. 

I buried my son a week before Mother’s Day. Does anybody in Congress, does anybody ever care about it? We went to Pelosi’s office. I left a picture of my son of his gravesite. I left my cell phone, my email. I said, would you please call me? Do you think she called me? No, I don’t have representation in Congress and none of us do. This is the true fact. It’s a sad fact.

INGRAHAM: Agnes, thank you for being here tonight and sharing your story about your loss and Ronald. 

GIBBONEY: Thank you, Laura. 

INGRAHAM: Thank you so much. 

GIBBONEY: Thank you, anytime. 

INGRAHAM: And for all the Left’s talk of former President Trump’s alleged incitement. Well, our next guest says President Biden has not just incited the next border crisis but open the door to violence. 

Joining me now is Stephen Miller, former senior adviser to President Trump, and Mark Morgan, former acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Stephen, welcome to the other side. It’s like your first real big interview after leaving the administration. You know this issue better than anyone. What will this mean for the country? Why should the average American be watching this tonight care about this issue of deportations and border enforcement?

STEPHEN MILLER, FORMER SENIOR ADVISER TO THE PRESIDENT: Thank you for having me on, Laura. If you read the text of this order, it is breathtaking and mind boggling in its scope. It halts all deportations, all deportations for a 100 hundred days, including the most hardened criminals living in the United States. 

That means child molesters, sex offenders, drug dealers, gang members, MS- 13, all shielded from removal. This is the priority of our new president with a raging pandemic. His top priority is to make it so that brave ICE officers can’t remove hardened criminals from our country, it is flatly illegal. It is completely unconstitutional. And as an American citizen, I, for one, am gratified that the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, is stepping up and threatening to sue the Biden administration if they don’t immediately revoke this patently lawless directive.

INGRAHAM: Now we need all the state attorneys general and border states or any state, frankly, to file suit on this, it has to go immediately to Supreme Court. Mark, Biden’s press secretary had something to say about the issue of defunding the border wall today. Watch.


PSAKI: The last four years, the immigration policy has been based around funding for a wall that has not worked even to keep the country safer, even to keep bad actors out. And so, his approach is a multi-pronged, it is to do smart security.


INGRAHAM: Commissioner, did the wall fail to keep bad actors out? She must be reading something other than what I’m consulting.

MARK MORGAN, FORMER ACTING CBP COMMISSIONER: Laura, first of all, I hope all your listeners are really taking to heart what Agnes said. What she said was powerful and I couldn’t have said it any better than she said. But let me make my response more very clear. The press secretary of the United States just lied to the American people. That’s a blatant lie. The wall and the wall system work. Every single mile that goes in this country is more secure because of it. 

And just a few hours after his inauguration, this president, with a stroke of a pen, Laura, made our borders less secure, our country less safe and endangered every men and women of the United States Border Patrol on our front lines defending our country. That’s a fact. What she said was an outright lie.

INGRAHAM: Stephen, I guess the concern about COVID coming into the country. I mean, if you’re from Europe and you fly and you have to quarantine for 14 days, but if you’re coming from Honduras illegally into the country, I guess you make a stopover and whoever has a bed and then you’re released into the country under this new provision, what does it say about their seriousness about law and order after the capital riot and then COVID in the real world today?

MILLER: What this memo says, is that Americans are second class citizens in their own country. What this memo says, is that while you’re locked in your home, while you’re subject to one mandate after another. Well, you can’t go to a restaurant or bar, whatever you may think about the validity of those measures. If you’re an illegal alien, you can do whatever you want, including committing crimes against U.S. citizens. 

I want to underscore, Laura, the real-world impact of this, speaking of somebody who worked with our brave ICE officers for the last four years, who saw what they did up close and personal, they will not be able to arrest the criminals in your neighborhood. When your police departments call and say, pick this criminal up because of this memo, they can’t arrest them. They can’t deport them. They can’t remove them from our country. 

How many innocent Americans, Laura, will get hurt because of this? How many innocent children will get hurt because of this? This isn’t about Right or Left or Democrat or Republican. It’s about fundamental morality and decency and, yes, democracy. Joe Biden gave a speech yesterday about democracy and then hours later, he suspends hundreds of pages of immigration law with the stroke of a pen. That’s not who we are as a country, Laura. That’s just wrong.

INGRAHAM: And Mark, the ACLU believes this memo, the executive order didn’t go far enough, they want to reach back in to get people who’ve already been deported and bring them back to the country. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We need all of those families to get relief. We need the parents to be brought back to the U.S. to reunite those we haven’t found when we do find them and those, we’ve already found that the Trump administration would not reunite. Once they’re here, we need to stop their deportation to give them some path to legal citizenship. 


INGRAHAM: I don’t believe any of the MS-13 are probably living in his neighborhood, but Mark, now we’re going to reach back into Guerra and Salvador and Honduras and beyond and pull back deported individuals, close it out. 

MORGAN: Laura, like you’ve already said. It’s absurd. This is a travesty. And look, in my opinion, Laura, this president is actually inciting the next wave, the next illegal immigration crisis. It’s already started. Let’s take the Margaret’s own words. Biden has given us 100 days to make to the United States. That’s all you need this here.

INGRAHAM: And so, Joe Biden threw this memo, through these priorities is in effect, inciting violence against the United States. That is something. Gentlemen, thank you so much. 

MILLER: Gang members will be set free, Laura. Criminals will be set free. It’s wrong. It has to be stopped. 

INGRAHAM: Thank you. 

MORGAN: Amen. 

INGRAHAM: Thank you so much. And Americans trust in the media just hit its lowest mark ever. Shock. Of course, none of us are surprised, but could it get worse under a Biden administration? Glenn Greenwald will tell us all about it, next.


INGRAHAM: Right now, right now, at this moment, the U.S. media are in a complete and total crisis, but it’s one that they don’t seem to fully grasp. Now, to help you understand how we got here. I want to take a specific look at how certain anchors responded to Trump’s inaugural versus how they responded to Biden’s inaugural. Let’s start with MSNBC’s Larry O’Donnell.


LAWRENCE O’DONNELL, MSNBC HOST: The Trump TV series has a title, American Carnage. 

There has never been a first day President of the United States with more experience, more knowledge.


INGRAHAM: Groveling and ahistorical. Well, here’s his compatriot, Rachel Maddow.


RACHEL MADDOW, MSNBC HOST: I just didn’t hear very much of Donald Trump in the speech, I thought it was Marshall. I thought it was dark. I don’t know exactly what the line will be that we remember forever. I think the one that is sticking with me is we must end this uncivil war.


INGRAHAM: But don’t worry, Rachel, I’m sure Biden won’t remember his speech either, but those are opinion hosts, so fawning is expected. What about the news anchors? Here’s CNN’s Jake Tapper.


JAKE TAPPER, CNN ANCHOR: I think it’s fair to say this is one of the most radical inaugural speeches we’ve ever heard.

We saw this steely determination and compassion of President Joe Biden.


INGRAHAM: Was it really compassion when he called half the country racist or nativist? Here’s CNN’s Dana Bash.


DANA BASH, CNN CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: No lofty rhetoric here, that was not what this is about.

The speech was so sincere, and that sincerity matched the times and matched the moment.


INGRAHAM: Now, how much will sincerity raise middle class wages? Well, I think we know the answer on that. Finally, here’s CNN’s John King.


JOHN KING, CNN CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: It was a dark, a dark view, even a pessimistic view of where we are at the moment. 

The giant challenge with the country so divided, with the Congress so evenly divided, but what a powerful beginning. 


INGRAHAM: Well, perhaps sensing all the fawning would open her peers up to criticism, Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan issued this warning. The media can be glad for the Biden White House’s return to normalcy. But let’s not be lulled. Except when you read beyond the headline, her real intention becomes obvious. 

There’s a difference between truly holding power to account and grandstanding. It’s the latter that gave rise to ridiculous dust ups, like the one over President Obama’s wearing of a tan suit and shameful overplaying of the Hillary Clinton’s email scandal during the 2016 campaign. 

In other words, don’t actually go hard on old Joe ever, especially when it could cost him politically. So, it should come as no surprise that trust in traditional media is at an all-time low, according to Edelman’s Annual Trust Barometer. 56 percent of Americans agree that journalists and reporters are purposely trying to mislead people by saying things they know are false or gross exaggerations. 

Joining me now is Glenn Greenwald, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author. Glenn, do you expect this to change at all as Biden’s presidency continues?

GLENN GREENWALD, PULITZER PRIZE JOURNALIST AND AUTHOR: No, I expected to get significantly worse, and I have to say where you really know how to rile up a gas, forcing me to listen to those hideous, grotesque videos in my ear, one after the next right before I’m ready to speak. That was actually quite disgusting. And the reason that this is happening, and this is a trend that has been going on for quite some time, and it’s not like these journalists don’t talk about it or don’t know it. They actually talk about it quite a bit. 

But when they talk about it, the fact that they’re losing faith and trust on the part of the public, they do one of three things. Either they complain about it and whine about it like it’s so unfair because they’re entitled to deference or they blame their critics. They say the reason this is happening is because people point out our errors and point out that we’re engaged in propaganda and not reporting, so it’s their fault. 

And now what they’re doing is they’re trying to just censor everybody off the Internet so you essentially have no choice but to listen to the people that these polls show are no longer trustworthy. And I think what everyone is going to see is exactly what that video montage demonstrated, which is people will remember how they conducted themselves during the Trump administration, and they will see the glaring difference, not when there’s a difference between the two presidents, but when they are the same. They will treat them wildly differently, and that reaction, that lack of trust will continue to worsen undoubtedly. 

INGRAHAM: And Glenn, I want to move forward to what I know you’re interested in, a topic of the militarization of the capitol, with the concern that there were going to be marauding bands of hundreds or thousands of angry Americans who were threatening Congress and the inauguration. We found out tonight that our National Guard troops are now sleeping in a garage because they were kicked out of the capitol. Do you have any doubt that they were treated like props, political props to get this whole militarization going and scare the people? 

GREENWALD: The argument can be made the only reason why there wasn’t the attack on the inauguration is precisely because we militarized, but what about the states, the capitals of each state. There there was no massive militarization, and you heard a week ago, 10 days ago, leaks from the FBI to “ABC News” and others claiming, in order to scare people as much as possible, that there were going to be enormous numbers of insurrectionary insurgents or domestic terrorists, which is what they’re calling Republicans now, essentially attending to assault state capital if they couldn’t get into Washington. And there was a grand total of one anti-Biden protester both at the capital in Albany in New York and the one in California. They’re now riled up because no one is going to pay attention if all you’re doing is talking about Joe Biden. They want people scared and nervous and acquiescent to the ruling class, and that’s why they are spinning these stories. 

INGRAHAM: Your pal Paul Krugman of “The New York Times” tweeted this out today. “So what happened to the insurrection? Maybe I’m jinxing it, but the wave of violence many expected didn’t materialize before or on Inauguration Day. There were hardly any demonstrators. Where did all the rage go?” Well, Glenn, Krugman is trying to mock Trump supporters, but I don’t think he realized what he was actually doing. Either the threat, the supposed threat of mass uprising wasn’t a real threat, or that it was exaggerated by an intelligence apparatus that has been known to exaggerate other threats for other ulterior motives. 

GREENWALD: Laura, the entire goal of the Democratic Party from starting with Joe Biden, and this isn’t me saying this, “The Wall Street Journal” and others have reported it, is to institute a new war on terror bill that’s modeled after the first war on terror that was direct outward at foreign actors and foreign governments, but to bring all of those powers inward.

Adam Schiff has a bill pending since 2019 that they want to now use a pretext for, which is that America is on the verge of civil war, there’s roving bands of insurgents. This is all designed to entrench powers in their hands that we would never otherwise agree that they should have to surveil people, to monitor people, to infiltrate groups, to breakup protests or criminalize speech. And we have to be extremely vigilant about the role the media is playing in that. 

INGRAHAM: If the other was called the Patriot Act, which is a total disaster, what will this be called? This will be called the real patriot acts, we’re serious now. Glenn, thanks so much. Great to see you tonight.

GREENWALD: Thanks, Laura.

INGRAHAM: And Ken Starr is here in moments to tell us why the Senate impeachment article should be dismissed on arrival. Don’t go away. 



REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., HOUSE SPEAKER: I’ll be talking with the managers as to when the Senate will be ready for the trial. They have now informed us they are ready to receive. The question is, are there questions about how a trial will proceed. 


INGRAHAM: House Democrats are pushing forward with yet another sham impeachment trial against Donald Trump, despite the fact that, in case you noticed, he’s no longer an offense. And like most rational Americans, you’re probably asking, what is the point of this exercise? And is what they’re doing actually constitutional? 

For that question we decided to go to Ken Starr, FOX News contributor, former independent council and federal appellate court judge. Ken, we know the House Democrats don’t necessarily care about the specific law here, but explain the constitutional issues here. Once a president leaves office, can they still be subject to a trial in the Senate? 

KEN STARR, FORMER WHITEWATER INDEPENDENT COUNSEL: I don’t think so. And I realize there are folks on the other side of the issue, but I think the constitutional text, Laura, provides the answer. Just go to the text, because the text makes it clear that the judgment in cases of impeachment shall not go further than what, and what’s the key word, removal, you’re exactly right. 

Moreover, when we’re talking about the, quote, removal, President Trump is not to be removed, when the impeachment is against the president of the United States, the chief justice is to preside over the trial. Again, that’s the constitutional text. So I cannot imagine Chief Justice Robert saying, oh, is President Trump on trial? My Constitution says the president of the United States. So I think it’s just wrong structurally. It’s being driven by a policy concern that bad things might happen in the future. But guess what, if you’re concerned about a candidate in the future, those are called elections. 

INGRAHAM: Ken, did Trump’s team ask you to represent them at the Senate trial? 

STARR: I’ve had a number of conversations with the president and people close to the president, and I really just don’t want to talk about those. But I’m happy to opine on constitutional issues, especially one where I just don’t think the answer is difficult to divine. And Laura, let me say this. The one most salient example from history is the resignation of Richard Nixon. the Democratically controlled House just called a halt. It’s gone. The president is gone. He’s off to San Clemente. This is done, it’s over with. That’s the relevant presidents, not an obscure 1876 proceeding against a secretary of war, which is so distinguishable that I find it painful that very, very able people, some of whom are my friends, are saying, well, there is the key precedent. It’s just not. 

INGRAHAM: Speaking of that, Ken, some people that, if you’re in the conservative legal circle, and I’ve just narrowed my audience down a lot, but these are big deal people.


INGRAHAM: Steve Calabresi — no one knows who I’m talking about, they don’t know any of these people, but Calabresi is one of the founders of the Federalist Society, Reagan solicitor general Charles Fried, Ilya Somin who is at Scalia Law School, they all signed a letter saying the president, President Trump, can be tried and convicted. They don’t opine on whether he should be convicted, but they say absolutely. And I’m thinking maybe I’m not — maybe I’m not a smart as I should be, but I don’t see it, and it seems petty and vindictive. Ken, very quickly, close it out. 

STARR: Yes, the text is clear. It’s about removal. Don’t go back to England to the way Parliament conducted itself. It conducted itself very shabbily and oppressively. Let’s look to the text of America’s Constitution, which talks about removal. And President Trump is no longer the president of the United States. It really is as simple as that. 

INGRAHAM: Ken, thank you so much, great to see you tonight, as always. 

And several Republican forced are now telling FOX News that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to give Donald Trump’s legal team two whopping weeks to prepare for another impeachment trial. The former president is also apparently hired lawyers to argue his case in the Senate. I don’t know who they are, but apparently has already hired them. 

Here now is Montana Senator Steve Daines. Senator, with everything facing our country, with now the assault on our borders and our immigration policy by President Biden, COVID, everything else we have to deal with, why does Mitch McConnell think it’s good to give the thumbs-up to a Senate trial of former president Trump? 

SEN. STEVE DAINES, R-MONT.: Well, Laura, think about this. It was less than 36 hours ago. We were on the west steps of the capitol watching the inauguration of President Biden. He talked about unity, about healing, bringing the country together. What the Democrats are doing, sending impeachment on a speeding train on the tracks towards the U.S. Senate is wrong. It is vindictive. This is revenge. Remember shortly after President Trump was sworn in back in 2017, there were already talking about the impeachments. They’re going to have two impeachments in President Trump’s last year an offense. But as Ken Starr and you just pointed out, the president is no longer in office. 

So the bottom line is this can be stopped. Here’s what I’m recommending tonight. President Biden should step up and deliver on his commitment on unity and healing. He needs to call Nancy Pelosi and say Speaker Pelosi, I am asking you to stop. They do not have to transmit these article to the Senate. Let’s just end it and move on, because every hour we’re spending in a trial that will go on for weeks in the U.S. Senate is hours taken away from working on behalf of the American people, working on these huge challenges we face as a nation. 

INGRAHAM: Senator Daines, I agree with you. The Keystone pipeline cancellation, speaking of big issues, has infuriated the Canadians and infuriated you. It’s costing Americans thousands of jobs. And Pete Buttigieg, though, Department of Transportation nominee, says it’s no big deal. 


SEN. TED CRUZ, R-TEXAS: So for those workers, the answer is somebody will get a job. 

PETE BUTTIGIEG, TRANSPORTATION SECRETARY NOMINEE: The answer is we are very eager to see those workers continue to be employed in good paid union jobs even if they might be different ones. 


INGRAHAM: I’m not sure what the former mayor of South Bend’s qualifications are to be a transportation secretary, but killing thousands of jobs on this vague promise of green jobs in the future, Senator? 

DAINES: Listen, we feared this lurch to the left from President Biden and his team. We’re seeing it. It’s breath-taking. Within six hours of President Biden being sworn in, with a stroke of a pen, he killed the Keystone pipeline. It’s 11,000 jobs, it’s $80 million a year of tax revenues to my state of Montana to help impoverished counties. President Biden cares more about jobs now and energy in Saudi Arabia than made in America energy and American jobs. 

And it gets worse. Of course, he then put it back into the Paris Climate Accord yesterday. And then he also called on a moratorium on oil and gas leases in Alaska. And we’re hearing now in the next few days he’s going to put a complete moratorium on oil, gas, and coal leases on all federal land. That’s a million jobs by 2022 that are going to be eliminated. This is outrageous. 

One of the great accomplishments of President Trump working with a Republican Congress was American energy independence. He’s now putting us back in a position on dependency on the Middle East. That is a huge mistake —

INGRAHAM: They don’t want us independent. He doesn’t want us independent of other countries. He wants us to be harmonized with other countries, and taxation and energy policy, all the rest. Senator, I hope you send a message to Mitch McConnell tonight the Republican senators should resist this idiotic and divisive impeachment trial. The Democrats are going to do what the Democrats are going to do, but the Republicans should stand united even if they don’t have a great personal relationship with the president. Thank you so much. 

And coming up, Liz Cheney’s vote to impeach President Trump own her a primary challenge. The state senator taking here on is here next. 


INGRAHAM: Last week, Liz Cheney voted to impeach Donald Trump, and now she has her first 2022 primary challenger. State Senator Andrew Bouchard joins me now. State Senator, thank you for joining us. Liz Cheney said she voted her conscience, so what’s wrong with that? 

ANTHONY BOUCHARD, R-WYO., STATE SENATOR: Well, she’s not there to vote her conscience. She is there to vote for the people of Wyoming. What we have had is a full-on attack on conservatives. It’s gone on and on and on, and we have a man that’s a president that was fighting for us, and what he got out of this was an ice pick in the back by 10 people. 

And I expect that from the swamp in Washington. What I don’t expect, and what the people of Wyoming don’t expect, is somebody from Wyoming helping to stab him in the back. And so that’s why I’m running. I think we have to make a good fight against what’s going on. Energy costs are going to go up, taxes are going to go up, the walls is coming down, jobs are going to go away, the green deal. Who’s going to fight if we have people going in from Wyoming, going to Washington to just make deals, what good is that going to do? We need fighters to go — 

INGRAHAM: I would say it would be nice if Liz Cheney and others, Mitt Romney, were as tough on Democrats as they are on people like Donald Trump. They seem to have a lot of fight when it’s fighting against the populist conservatives. But when it comes to fighting against the Democrats, I’m not sure. And 15 seconds, how are you beat the Cheney war machine, Senator Bouchard? 

BOUCHARD: As you know, we announced yesterday. It’s been on fire. I couldn’t be more pleased. People are going to our website,, and the ticker just keeps rising. So we hope that —

INGRAHAM: We’ll be watching. We’ll be watching, Senator Bouchard. Thank you so much. 

An important update on that National Guard troops story next. 


INGRAHAM: At the top of the show, we told you how National Guard troops who were protecting the capitol were forced out of the building to have to sleep and be in an adjacent parking garage. In my view, they were used as props from the beginning and are now being discarded by the Democrats in charge.  

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