June 8, 2023


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Animal rescue: Lion, wolf find safe passage out of Ukraine war zone

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Radauti, Romania

Simba the lion and a wolf named Akyla have been evacuated from a zoo in war-torn Ukraine and brought to safety in Romania in what an animal legal rights group included in the procedure says was a four-working day mission “full of dangers” further hampered by border entry paperwork.

The adult male lion and the grey wolf, who were fully awake through the dangerous journey owing to lack of tranquilizers in Ukraine, arrived Monday at a zoo in Radauti, from a zoo in Zaporizhzhia in southeast Ukraine.

Now at a safe and sound length from the conflict and after paying 4 days in cages in the back of a van, the two animals were being recovering from the journey in their new enclosure Wednesday, regaining their power as they lounged in the shade.


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