Starmer says Boris Johnson thinks he’s ‘on Love Island’

Downing Street has defended the government’s plan to override parts of the Northern Ireland protocol after the EU confirmed that it is taking legal action over the UK’s proposed changes to the post-Brexit trading arrangements.

Boris Johnson’s official spokesperson said the government “disappointed” in the EU’s decision to take the issue back through the courts.

“We will consider these documents carefully and respond formally in due course, however we are disappointed the EU has taken this legal action today,” the spokesman said.

“The EU’s proposed approach, which doesn’t differ from what they have said previously, would increase burdens on business and citizens and take us backwards from where we are currently.

“The infractions are related to the implementation of the protocol in our recently published Bill. It is difficult to see how scrapping grace periods and adding additional controls and checks would be the situation better.”


‘Under Labour taxes go up’

Responding, Johnson once again cites investment in tech sector.

He says the chancellor has made big interventions to help with rising food, fuel and energy bills.

He claims that “under Labour, taxes go up”.

Matt Mathers15 June 2022 12:25


‘Screwing business’

Starmer says that PM’s series of tax rises are choking off growth.

He suggests that “Operation Save Big Dog” is hampering efforts to help with the cost of living crisis.

He claims the government is “screwing business”.

Matt Mathers15 June 2022 12:23


‘Running this country down’

Responding, Johnson accused Starmer of “running this country down”.

He says the UK has the highest employment since records began.

Johnson adds that just in the five monts of this year this country has attracted, “I think”, £16bn of investment in the tech sector.

He says this more than Germany and France

Matt Mathers15 June 2022 12:20


‘Ostrich prime minister with his head in the sand’

Starmer uses another question to attack the government on the economy.

He points to figures published this week showing that the economy shrank for the second month in a row.

“How does it help Britain to have an ostrich prime minister with his head in the sand”, Starmer adds.

Matt Mathers15 June 2022 12:17


Starmer: I don’t want RMT strikes to go ahead

Starmer points out that Johnson is in goverment and therefore in a position to do something about the strikes.

But he hasn’t “lifted a finger”, Starmer says, before adding: “I don’t want the strikes to go ahead”.

Labour leader then claims PM wants the strikes to go ahead so he can “feed of the division”.

Matt Mathers15 June 2022 12:14


‘RMT strikes won’t help the economy’

PM claims that he has already answered and takes a pop at Starmer’s legal background.

He says Starmer failed to liste to his response.

Johnson says RMT strikes will not helo the economy and urges Starmer to end his “silence” on the issue.

Matt Mathers15 June 2022 12:12


Starmer presses on economy

Starmer follows up with another question on the economy.

He accuses Johnson of blaming “global forces” for the UK’s economic woes.

He points out that the UK is subject to the same global conditions as every other country.

Why then, is the UK set for lower growth than every other economy, he asks.

Matt Mathers15 June 2022 12:09


Starmer – why is UK growth so slow?

Labour leader Keir Starmer starts with a question about the economy.

He asks why the UK’s growth is so poor compared with other countries.

Johnson replies saying that the UK will have the “second-fastest” growing economy this year, citing G7 figures.

He claims the UK is behind because it came out of the pandemic faster than other countries.

Matt Mathers15 June 2022 12:05


Johnson faces Commons grilling

Boris Johnson is facing his first PMQs since the government published draft plans to override parts of the Brexit deal agreed with the EU.

Matt Mathers15 June 2022 11:46


Who should replace Boris Johnson? Have your say

Boris Johnson recently survived a confidence vote on his leadership but questions remain over his future following a slew of recent scandals.

Several cabinet ministers have been touted as potential successors if the prime minister is eventually ousted from office.

Who would you like to see replace  Mr Johnson? Have your say in our poll by clicking the link below:

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