September 22, 2023


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Contradiction Junction What’s Your Function? – Gary Has Issues

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Aristotle outlined “contradiction” in his thesis “Metaphysics” thusly: “It is unachievable that the similar issue can at the same time both of those belong and not belong to the very same item and in the exact respect.”

However that conflict with cause has develop into the functioning system for the contemporary Republican Celebration. What else could direct Republicans, self-described as “patriots,” to storm the Capitol with disdain for the Constitutional equilibrium of ability individuals halls depict?

How else could Ginny Thomas (wife of Supreme Courtroom Justice Clarence Thomas) feel that significantly-proper fringe evidence refuting the outcome of the 2020 election justifies a coup to “save America from the left”?

Betraying The usa to help save America? That’s contradictory. 

It’s what qualified prospects Ted Cruz to obfuscate actuality and decide that President Biden emboldens our enemies when it was Donald Trump, Putin’s fawning pawn, who did his best to improve Russian imperialist aims.

If it’s the capricious steps of North Korea Cruz is talking about, Biden’s policy has been to oppose his predecessor’s infatuation with authoritarians.

Republicans criticize Biden’s foreign plan, but it was 2018’s failed trade war that deteriorated relations with China. Biden’s goal in Ukraine is to defend NATO territory, use sanctions against Russia and to supply arms, intelligence, and funds to Ukraine. It is an smart and correctly cautious tactic.

I saw a article deriding Biden as a “rambling” orator, but the very same people today praised a earlier president who sounded like he was decoding his possess feelings from cave paintings.

This disconnect is not just about Biden. Republicans have been devolving for decades from legitimate American Conservatism to genuine American Contradiction-ism.

Nowadays they froth at any suggestion of gun control, but even the NRA once supported mandatory background checks at gun exhibits. Nixon preferred a ban on handguns. 

Right now they battle versus a woman’s correct to dominion more than her physique even although a conservative Supreme Court in 1973 ruled to uphold “Roe’s” constitutional appropriate to this kind of privateness.

They are incensed by protestors taking a knee during the Countrywide Anthem proclaiming it disrespects our military services. When, in truth, the protest was to clearly show authentic respect for what they battle for- liberty and equality. And when American civilians trample all those tenets, that is a authentic contradiction.

To proper this tumble demands crucial contemplating the new Republican agenda has sealed away. That was evidenced as Republican Senators challenged Ketanji Brown Jackson for her placement that judges really should implement constitutional text in a way that’s relevant for modern day realities the authors could not have envisioned.

Jackson is simply using common perception.

Senate Republicans have joined those people folks in MAGA hats with Confederate socks, who are blinded by their romance of antiquated societal precepts. In that fog, context, depth,and disciplines like science and logic, fly absent as they rage in opposition to phantom troubles.

I do not know how this presidency, Ukraine, or even Hunter Biden’s laptop, is going to flip out, and I’m not about to say the “left” is further than reproach.  No, this democracy we claim to uphold works with opposition as its centripetal force.

What does not function is demagoguery and the dismissal of logic. That’s contradictory to the function of our Republic and that is defining the modern Republican Social gathering.


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