June 4, 2023


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COVID kills two associates at Gunster regulation firm in West Palm Seaside

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Harrison, Leah, Susan and Edward Tancer. Photo courtesy of the Tancer family.

Throughout a modern two-thirty day period interval, two companions at the venerable Gunster law firm in West Palm Beach front have died from the coronavirus, stunning the legal and charitable communities and prompting a wave of fresh new grief for the pandemic-weary county.

In November, the disease claimed the daily life of Edward Tancer, 59, a associate at the West Palm Beach-based firm and the former general counsel at Florida Power & Light.

Then in January, former managing partner Donald Beuttenmuller, Jr., 73, who battled the virus for virtually two months, succumbed to COVID-19.

Present and former colleagues atGunster, the oldest regulation firm in Palm Beach County, have been stunned by the decline of the longtime companions. So, way too, have officers and donors at the charities that experienced shut associations with the males.