September 22, 2023


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Episode 119: Maximizing Your Firm Retreat

1 min read


Today’s episode is a reflection on the unbelievable retreat our group just returned from in Gastonia NC. We stayed at the attractive Esquire Resort in Gastonia, and our retreat integrated a mock trial work out at Gaston University, an excursion to Major Golf in Charlotte, an journey at the Whitewater Middle, and an remarkable organization meal at Barrister’s restaurant. On today’s episode Jake gives some useful tips for how to maximize your organization occasion, outing, or retreat as very well as why this time outside of the standard operate surroundings is so valuable. If you are hunting to do a team developing work out or celebration with your regulation business, never overlook today’s episode!


Master why down time with your team is so important to setting up the best tradition at your place of work.


Uncover the benefit of possessing a expert photographer capture your company party.


Listen to Jake examine the significance of producing the group practical experience distinctive and how to make this take place.


Discover the price of having an celebration planner (if you are not a detail-oriented human being), coordinating your workforce working experience.


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