September 24, 2023


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Forecasting Demand for U.S. Ground Forces: An Interactive Tool

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This interactive tool utilizes a dynamic forecasting product to job upcoming demand for U.S. floor forces. The model presents projections of trends in (1) the upcoming running environment, including the incidence of interstate war and intrastate conflict, (2) long term U.S. ground interventions, and (3) the expected power demands for these interventions. Users of the instrument can then define their have foreseeable future scenarios by picking alternative values of a range of critical parameters of the design which includes equally individuals that relate to vital U.S. coverage selections (e.g. U.S. navy size and investing, U.S. overseas power posture, and U.S. alliances), as very well as people that relate to how essential factors of the international buy may evolve (e.g. developments in the global buying and selling technique and in the extent of democratization). The resulting forecasts can support armed service take care of danger throughout different opportunity strategic and operational concerns and advise conclusions relating to potential force setting up, posture, and investments.


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