September 28, 2023


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GOP Rep. Nancy Mace OWNS trans activist over ‘extremist rhetoric’ on Twitter –

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GOP Rep. Nancy Mace OWNS trans activist over ‘extremist rhetoric’ on Twitter –

Republican Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina questioned a trans activist at a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing today and it was pure gold.

Alejandra Caraballo was asked about possibly dangerous rhetoric on Twitter and after agreeing that it was a problem, Mace hauled out some problematic tweets from Caraballo.

From FOX News:

Mace then called up a picture of a tweet Caraballo sent over the summer, after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

“The 6 justices who overturned Roe should never know peace again,” Caraballo tweeted. “It is our civic duty to accost them every time they are in public. They are pariahs. Since women don’t have their rights, these justices should never have a peaceful moment in public again.”

Mace asked Caraballo if she believed her own tweet was a threat to democracy, and when Caraballo said she would like to provide “context” to her tweet, Mace shut her down.

“I have a question… yes or no,” Mace said. “Do you believe your rhetoric is a threat to democracy when you’re calling to accost a branch of government, the Supreme Court.”

“I don’t believe that’s a correct characterization of my statements,” Caraballo said.

Watch below:


Twitchy favorite Stephen L. Miller notes the game that the left plays here.

It’s just different when they do it.


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