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How Ignorance and Wickedness Is Pushing Humanity Toward A Third World War – UncommonThought

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How Ignorance and Wickedness Is Pushing Humanity Toward A Third World War – UncommonThought

[Graphic: Via Buscando La Verdad, 9/29/2022.]

By Mahboob Khawaja, PhD

Editor’s Be aware

There is a expressing that “nobody wins in war.” Very well, that just isn’t true. While it is apparent that civilians are big losers, and the surroundings is far too, so are all those creatures who can not escape the brutalities of war – from squirrels and birds, to animals and individuals creatures captive in zoos. Having said that, there are also those people who gain who are principally faceless, even invisible. There are financiers and arms companies, and increasingly there is a rising myriad of companies supplying everything from food stuff companies, to security, to intelligence. In section, it also relies upon on who is preventing. On the other hand, the most invisible of all are the providers that specialize in cleansing up and rebuilding a nation’s infrastructure from the floor up.

There can be other “winners” depending on the instances. Often, it appears to be that war is like a chess game where by the folks participating in and the people today fighting are basically disconnected. For example, the U.S. and Russia regularly combat with each individual other as a result of proxies. There are queries about no matter whether the U.S. and other European nations around the world, are applying Ukraine as a proxy in a war of attrition in opposition to Russia. Though there is obviously a conflict involving Russia and Ukraine, there was a assertion early on that there was hope to draw down Russian forces and materiel.

The U.S. has a longstanding plan of only engaging in foreign difficulties to secure U.S. “interests.” Hence, we can take “humanitarian” intervention off the table. Even further, much of the “aid” the United States sends is arms, and we are the Number One arms vendor on the earth which puts us on the gain facet of war by default. The people today of the United States normally do not realize what we pay out for these guidelines, and for war. Of class, at the base is taxes, but the true situation is what our taxes go for, and disproportionately, that is army spending. Republican rant consistently on how high priced social welfare programs are (from instruction to social security, but also shorted is our have infrastructure (bridges, roads, h2o and electric powered systems, online, and so forth) which regularly scores a ‘D’, and significantly is failing entirely – like the drinking water system in Flint, Michigan and Jackson, Mississippi.

In the meantime, at threat are the lives on the killing fields – the beat zones. The U.S. refused to even depend these casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is not the superior ground. In the present-day conflict in Ukraine, it is apparent that the expenditures on all ranges are large, and that the losses will persist for generations.

Mahboob Khawaja, PhD

Leaders who could not Lead to Human Unity, Peace and Sustainable Upcoming-Making

The political adversaries against universal peace and brotherhood are propagating a new period of a catastrophic Third Globe War. The ongoing 8 months of disastrous conflict concerning Russia, Ukraine and the West is draining human relationships of rationale, fact, and honesty.  The global leaders’ psychological microscope obsessed with ignorance and wickedness seems to have an irresistible necessity to deprive humanity of its peaceful long term. This beloved perversion sees men and women just in quantities and digits, not as human beings with voices of rationale for modify and human unity. The dreadful tragedy of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict will inevitably lead to success to encase mankind prematurely into accidental annihilation possibly by nuclear arsenals or a combination of nukes and space weapons. Most of us can’t envision the devastation of the initially 2 Entire world Wars, but this 1 would incorporate nuclear and room-based mostly weaponry which will eclipse the disasters of earlier wars.  Glory life in the conception of excellent, not in evil. The despotic world wide leaders compete in quantity online games as a result of the media propagation for an imaginary part of self-elevation for peace and conflict resolution. NATO, the EU, Russia and the US are competing to have superior imagery for hegemonic politics. They have no feeling of time and heritage, how ignorance and political wickedness could guide to unthinkable calamities and disrupt the world wide socio-economic, politics and earth get.  Their superior weaponry is self-damaging. They are concerned of remaining replaced by tchange and the people’s foreseeable future-producing. These morally and intellectually bankrupt leaders have no time to have an understanding of the aspirations of world-wide mankind. We, the Folks of globe aspire for peace, not for wars or the destruction of human habitats by nukes and aggression versus the powerless and weak.

Immediately after 8 months of warfare and various million forcibly displaced refugees, there is no management vision and workable prepare on the table to change the study course of modern tragic situations, large deaths, and destruction as morality and human intellect keep on to decrease for a navigational transform – and for an rapid ceasefire and workable peace. Most leaders are millionaires and supported by corporate entities devoid of explanation and potential-oriented creativeness to close the conflict amongst Russia and Ukraine and to reverse the photograph of completely indescribable shadows of entrapment for a looming 3rd Earth War.

Rational conflict analysis and lookup for peace entail listening and finding out to divergent viewpoints and discovering a commonplace of reasoning with out agreeing or disagreeing to halt the animosities. This is helpful conversation and enlightened management traits. Mankind is fraught with sorrows and anxiety of not known animosities and everyday killings and displacement of the thinking process, a modern society – a nation no issue how normal it claims to be, can’t purpose as usual beings co-existing with their have selves, the surroundings – in the human culture and make any positive contributions to human adjust and development.

This point out of affairs demonstrates total societal breakdown and a march in direction of self-annihilation. We are witnessing and residing in that delusional society of human degeneration.  Steps result in reactions. Russia getting regulate of conquered Japanese cities in Ukraine and NATO and the EU leaders are issuing new sanctions as if it will solve the urgent power provide crises of gasoline, oil and Nord Stream pipeline from Russia. The rupture and leakage of the Nord Stream gas pipeline could have catastrophic environmental issues. Political condemnations and financial sanctions will not change the training course of history or warmongering but a reasoned dialogue of direct talks could create appealing results for peace. If there are any proactive intelligent leaders, they really should initiate immediate peace talks in between the warring events. All human functions are topic to change and reformation.

We, the People of the world believe in human unity, and peace and the leaders need to have to study how to co-exist in universal harmony and be at peace on this Earth. Bombs and missiles strike the Earth and demolish all dwelling factors and human habitats. Earth was meant for daily life and human progress, not destruction by human wickedness toward the Character of Points. The Earth is a residing entity and is meant for us – the human beings. The Divine warning is self-explanatory:

Do no mischief on the Earth after it hath been established in order, but contact on God with worry and longing in hearts. For the Mercy of God is generally close to to those people who do very good.    (Chapter 7: 56: The Qur’an).

In all ages, people and nations claiming to be the most strong and transgressors manipulating the Earth and humanity had been destroyed by the Rules of God – organic will cause. Many empires and egoistic leaders went this natural route of conference their ends. We, the conscientious people of the globe have a rational knowledge of equilibrium amongst Male, Everyday living, and the God-specified Universe in which we all reside. We, the Individuals surprise who else except God established life, the Earth and the dwelling Universe floating in space well balanced and useful due to the fact time immemorial. Who else other than God determined the Earth spinning of 1670 km per hour? Who else than God ordained it to orbit the sun at 107,000 km for each hour?  And who else than God built it to spin at 28,437 km for each hour at the equator? ( Be conscious that Earth’s normal distance to the Sun is about 93 million miles (105 million km) the length of the Moon from Earth is at the moment 384,821 km equal to .002572 Astronomical Units and if the distance concerning the Earth-Sunshine or the Earth-moon ended up ever to alter, there will be no indication of existence or habitats still left on Earth. You as a human staying as Just one Humanity has a person origin –  why can’t we co-exist in peace and harmony? Do men and women ponder and comprehend how human beings are produced by God and how societies prosper due to the fact time immemorial?

It is He (God) Who has produced you from dust Then from a sperm-fall,

Then from a leech-like clot Then He does get you out (into the light)

As a youngster: then allows you (grow and) access your age of comprehensive toughness then lets you turn into aged,

Even though of you there are, some who die prior to

And lets you achieve a Phrase appointed in purchase that ye 

May master knowledge.       (Chapter 40: 67: The Qur’an)

This knowing is important for peacemaking and peaceful co-existence within just the Universe. The ongoing bombardments and missile attacks on civilians will raise tragic tensions, not the unity of the masses targeted by war machines.

Witness to Human Tragedies –  Are We Ready for the 3rd Planet War?

We, the People, We, the Humanity are reliving the unthinkable horrors, bloodbaths, and massacres of harmless civilians observing the day by day news display screen in Ukraine and what took place in the course of the Two European Entire world Wars – still new on a human slate of memories. NATO, the EU, the US and Russia designed strategic divides and breathe in perpetuated animosities. What a human disaster and ignorance, they cannot consider outdoors the senseless box. They all invest in army campaigns and military services alternatives.  There is no look at and harmony tactic open up to worldwide accountability – no intercontinental regulation and no so-named preservation of the Geneva Conventions. Contrary to the formal statements, the daily killing of civilians goes unabated throughout the Ukraine–Russian Conflict Theater. The UN Secretary-Normal and Stoltenberg- the NATO Chief react in confusion to the Russian annexation of the Jap regions as if NATO is not in conflict with Russia but giving support to defend Ukraine. They all viewed from a length what was occurring in Crimea due to the fact 2014. They surface to absence the confidence and intellect to deal with uncommon emergencies and cry wolf at being not able to come across workable alternatives. To make peace with Russia and among Russia, Ukraine and the West, they need new innovative initiatives to chat and explore strategies and indicates to conclude the regional hostilities.  When ignorant and wicked leaders transgress the limitations of the Rules of God and goal the innocents, frequently they are established to be punished by God for violating the basic covenant of human lifetime on Earth. We call for transform in the historic landscape.

Just about every commencing has its stop. Those on the lookout for military services confrontations and remedies are senseless figures. The number of obsessed with invincible armies and political powers – the warriors as dreamers to command and dominate us have driven the humanity to a awful perception of helplessness about our upcoming. We are witnessing a increasing tradition of domination by the identical as was in heritage – universally the self-centered maniacs – all causing massive deaths and destruction to endanger lifetime, human habitats and the sanctity of Earth Earth. The Will need is urgent to understand – how to improve the egoistic and embittered insanity of handful of warlords into equilibrium of balanced connection concerning Gentleman, Daily life and God- provided residing Universe in which we reside all. If we bent on disregarding the residing Time and possibilities for peaceful improve, our popular feeling could direct to a cataclysmic ending. We, the Persons of Conscience invite you to RETHINK – who you are and your origin, and what existence and death indicate in the actual entire world. To make peace and take care of the conflict peacefully, this creator proposed a rational framework of immediate conversation between President Putin, President Biden, NATO, the EU, and Ukraine’s leadership at the earliest: “Why Russia, NATO, the EU and Ukraine are unable to Make Peace?”

Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja specializes in international affairs-world protection, peace and conflict resolution with eager pursuits in Islamic-Western comparative cultures and civilizations, and is the author of several publications such as the most current: A person Humanity and the Remaking of World Peace, Protection and Conflict Resolution. Germany, 12/2019.

All content is beneath a Imaginative Prevalent share with attribution license except if otherwise observed.

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