December 10, 2023


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Important Points About a Good Truck Accident Attorney

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Truck accidents cause severe, life-changing injuries. Often, multiple parties are liable for these accidents, such as the truck driver, trucking company, loader or hauler, or manufacturer of the truck or truck parts.

Proving liability can be difficult and insurance companies will do everything they can to avoid paying you what your case is worth. Choosing the right St. Louis Truck Accident Attorney is critical to your success.

1. Experience

The consequences of a truck accident can be devastating. Often times victims are left with exorbitant medical bills, lost wages, permanent impairment, and significant emotional trauma and physical pain.

To recover appropriate damages, an attorney must prove liability. Liability is established by proving someone owed you a duty of care, that duty was breached, and that breach was the direct cause of your injury.

When a case involves a truck, there are multiple potential defendants that may be held liable for your accident including the truck driver, the trucking company that employs them, the loading company that sent them out with poorly loaded or secured cargo, the maintenance company that maintained the truck, or the manufacturer of a defective truck part. A skilled St. Louis trucking accident lawyer will be able to determine all of the liable parties in your case, and ensure that they are held accountable for their negligence. Typically, most truck accident cases involve multi-party claims.

2. Reputation

A truck accident can have devastating effects on a victim’s life, including serious injuries, property damage, and in some cases death. In these types of accidents, multiple parties may be held liable for the crash including truck drivers, parts manufacturers, trucking companies, commercial shipping and freight companies, and other entities.

In standard claims, victims are entitled to recover compensation for financial losses and intangible damages such as pain and suffering. However, the amount you receive will depend on the extent of your injuries and the circumstances surrounding your case. Moreover, if there is clear and convincing evidence that the defendant’s actions show reckless disregard for human lives, punitive damages may also be awarded.

The firm works with clients who have suffered from mild to severe trucking accidents. It helps them file successful claims against negligent trucking companies and their insurers to collect the monetary recompense they are owed. If settlement negotiations fail to yield acceptable results, it pursues the case in court for a definitive verdict.

3. Personality

When you choose a St. Louis Truck Accident Attorney, you want one that you are comfortable with and that you feel is a good fit for your personality. This is important because you will spend a lot of time working with your lawyer in the coming months and years.

You want to be able to trust your attorney and speak openly with them about your case. You also want to know that your attorney will treat you with respect and compassion.

A seasoned St. Louis Truck Accident Attorney will be familiar with how the insurance companies operate in these cases and be able to help you obtain the maximum compensation for your claim.

At Cantor Injury Law, LLC, we can meet you at the scene of your accident, collect black box data (recording speeds and braking), preserve all other evidence and start fighting for you immediately. We are well-known by the insurance companies as a firm that goes to trial and wins truck crash cases.

4. Fees

Truck accidents are more severe than ordinary car accidents and can leave victims with costly medical bills, lost wages, property damage and even wrongful death. An experienced St Louis Truck Accident Attorney can help with these damages by negotiating with the trucking companies and their insurance carriers to obtain the compensation victims deserve.

The complexities of trucking laws and regulations mean that it is often difficult to determine who is liable in a truck crash. Multiple parties could be responsible, including the truck driver, the fleet owner, the trucking company, the loaders, the truck maintenance company and more. A skilled St Louis Truck Injury Lawyer will understand these responsibilities and be able to build a strong case with key evidence.

A good St. Louis Truck Accident Attorney will be ready to take immediate action in a truck crash claim, helping clients recover damages such as medical expenses, property loss, and intangible costs like pain and suffering. Call us at (314) 500-HURT or contact our team online to request a free consultation with one of our experienced trucking accident attorneys today.

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