September 28, 2023


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integrated oceans governance policy

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Centre for International Maritime Affairs-Ghana, Benchmark value policy, CIMAG
Government Director of CIMAG, Albert Derrick Fiatui

The Centre for Intercontinental Maritime Affairs, Ghana (CIMAG) has known as for the promulgation of an integrated oceans governance coverage for Ghana to provide as a device for sustainability.

Speaking on the sidelines of Ghana’s celebration of the Day of the Seafarer, Executive Director of CIMAG, Albert Derrick Fiatui, asserted that political will is of utmost significance to attain this objective.

“We want the backing of political will to get all the stakeholders to concur for an integration so we can come up with the oceans governance policy. I am informed that the sustainable device of the presidency is accomplishing a good deal of perform. They have shaped a committee, and we are only hopeful that that committee will commence work in earnest so at the time that is done, we can start out to obtain all we can from the oceans,” he articulated.

He claimed Ghana’s ocean governance lacks performance owing to the disjointed approach to its administration.

“This is due to the fact of the amorphous mother nature of our companies. The Ghana Maritime Authority is the landlord of the oceans. We have the Fisheries Fee, also backed by regulation, that’s has some fascination in defense of the ocean. We have the Countrywide Petroleum Authority, the Ghana National Petroleum Company, and even the Countrywide Conversation Authority has laid fibre optic cables in just the seas. All these organizations have some roles to engage in, and since there is no coordination, we are not ready to press by a ton of items we are supposed to do to be in a position to appreciate the sea we have been gifted with.”

In accordance to the Civil Society Organisation, maritime pollution is Ghana’s major contribution to local weather modify, and really should be tackled head-on as a subject of urgency.

He reported: “The sea absorbs the warmth from the sun and that helps in combating climate transform and so simply because of the difficulty of air pollution, that functionality of the sea is dwindling.”

Mr. Fiatui reiterated that the oceans keep on being a important supply of livelihood for a lot of, and a important financial or protection device for the country, and really should be addressed as such.


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