September 30, 2023


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Local Tories Take “Routemaster Approach” to Save Electoral Hopes

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Area Tories Consider “Routemaster Approach” to Preserve Electoral Hopes

The temper on the ground among the Tories isn’t vastly optimistic in the final stretch of campaigning. As Guido included this morning, the Hartlepool association are almost begging for forgiveness on their leaflets, and there are now reports from across the country – specially outside the house the M25 – of neighborhood Tories seeking to length them selves from Westminster and the celebration management. In fact, Guido hears associations in the South East have adopted a new campaigning approach they’ve affectionately dubbed “the Routemaster Approach“. “Throw Boris under the bus, and citizens start off speaking to you again”…

Guido’s spoken to numerous other campaigners, and every experienced their own revolutionary ways of placing daylight concerning their local initiatives and the “mess” in Westminster. Just one activist explained his affiliation had instructed him to convey to inhabitants he’s “very upset at what took place” concerning Partygate, and to remind locals that councillors “have no ability about” the leadership. “Don’t shoot me, I’m a Conservative” is evidently the opening gambit for numerous candidates on the doorstep. A prospect in the South also claimed that when the overall temper is “combined“, he was only ready to secure the assure of a voter when he admitted the Partygate saga was “a disgrace“. Some are now even scared to use Tory blue branding:

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