December 10, 2023


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Movie displays Trump supporter begging legislation enforcement to simply call for backup throughout Capitol siege

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A Trump supporter was recording begging regulation enforcement officers to call for backup when the Capitol was stormed on Jan. 6.

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“Why are you allowing this take place? Why have not you referred to as for backup?” the unknown guy wearing a Make The us Wonderful Yet again hat reported to officers in the video. “Exactly where is your backup?”


“This is our damn Capitol developing! And y’all are allowing it get ruined on your view!”

“F— all of y’all!” he continued in the online video that was first posted on TikTok. “Phone for backup! Get some assist down right here!”

“And if they don’t want to get you f—ing backup, they of course really don’t give a s— about you.”

Supporters of previous President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol building before this month adhering to a rally where Trump spoke.

“All of us right here these days do not want to see our election victory stolen by emboldened radical Left Democrats, which is what they are doing, and stolen by the fake information media. That is what they’ve carried out and what they are doing. We will in no way give up. We will under no circumstances concede. It doesn’t occur. You never concede when there’s theft involved,” Trump said at the rally.

The siege led to the fatalities of 5 folks, including a female shot by a legislation enforcement and a U.S. Capitol Police officer.

The Dwelling voted to impeach Trump for a second time subsequent the incident for “incitement of insurrection.”

The fallout over the dealing with of the violence on Jan. 6 resulted in 3 best security officers resigning: Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, Household sergeant at arms Paul D. Irving, and Senate sergeant at arms Michael C. Stenger.

The Household has due to the fact opened an investigation into the violence that unfolded.

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First Author: Emma Colton

Authentic Area: Video clip demonstrates Trump supporter begging legislation enforcement to get in touch with for backup in the course of Capitol siege

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