December 3, 2023


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No attorney yet from Authorized Assist for J.B.’s alleged killers

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Authorized Aid is nonetheless to appoint a defence lawyer for the alleged killers of J.B. Danquah Adu, Abuakwa North Member of Parliament.

The Accra Superior Court docket listening to the scenario of the murder observed that a letter was geared up and served on Authorized Support but sadly “we have not acquired any response.”

But at the courtroom on Wednesday, there was 1 Okyere Kumah a attorney from Lawful Aid on a distinct subject for this reason the court docket tasked him to inform his director to act on its letter requesting a law firm for the accused folks.

The make a difference was subsequently adjourned to January 15, 2021.

At the very last courtroom sittings Mr. Augustines Obuor who had represented the accused in excess of the decades, withdrew his companies in the murder trial.

Mr. Augustines Obuor, who had represented Daniel Asiedu, aka, Hot Dondon, and Vincent Bossu, for the past 4 a long time, knowledgeable the Large Court that he had been given a hearing detect from the Court but he was no longer heading to symbolize the accused.

According to defence counsel, he experienced go through and witnessed numerous films on social media involving Asiedu concerning his admission of the crime to the whole globe including jurors in the make a difference.

“I, hence, locate it hard to defend this make a difference when the accused person (Asiedu) has explained to the full world, which includes jurors that he fully commited the criminal offense.

“I am knowledgeable of the law, which states that an accused in a murder demo shall not plead responsible to the listening to of the jury on his plea currently being taken,” he informed the Court docket.

Mr. Obuor mentioned he discovered it hard to comprehend the situations of Asiedu as how the jurors would administer justice in the light of the admissions built to the world by him.

He said for the previous 4 yrs, no Large Court docket was completely ready to grant Asiedu bail or the 2nd accused, Bossu, so he could have a convention with them, aside from the cumbersome method out there for his place of work to meet with the accused.

“I humbly request to state that I will not be ready to stand for the accused man or woman from this position. Considering that the time the make a difference was referred to me from the Authorized Help, I desired to do my finest in reaching justice in this make a difference.”

The Court docket formally discharged Mr. Obuor and requested that the Regional Legal Aid Director be notified for new lawyers to be appointed.

The case has been adjourned currently with the check out of empaneling of jurors in the existence of a new counsel assigned by Legal Assist.

Asiedu and Bossu are experiencing a cost of conspiracy.

Asiedu is additionally going through a charge of murder.

The two are considered to be associated in the murder of the late legislator in his residence at Shiashie, around East Legon in the year 2016.

The Court docket has preserved their pleas and remanded the two into prison custody. | Newsphere by AF themes.