September 22, 2023


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Rachel Maddow breaks down a critical challenge with the GOP’s lawful rationale for not convicting Trump

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On MSNBC Thursday, Rachel Maddow broke down a vital trouble with the GOP’s legal reasoning against convicting former President Donald Trump.

Particularly, she famous, the GOP’s protection rests on the shaky legal reasoning that it truly is unconstitutional to impeach a president who is no for a longer time in place of work — and nevertheless Trump does his most effective not to accept he is just not in the office any more in the initial location.

“Donald Trump is not calling himself the previous president. And it’s not just with the identify of the office environment,” explained Maddow. “Nowadays, his spokesman for his publish-presidential workplace mentioned on Newsmax Tv, ‘I do not assume the 45th president to be in Washington next 7 days.’ You imply the former president? No, no, no, that can’t be said. I’ve been sort of choosing at this for a couple times now, but it is now going on for very long adequate and it is insistently dependable more than enough that this is well worth noticing. In element for the reason that Mr. Trump definitely does show up to be insisting on this and that could get very unusual really quickly.”

“Republicans right now are heading into the impeachment demo which starts at the beginning of subsequent week and they consider that they are mounting a protection against the conviction of Donald Trump on the technical grounds that the Senate should not even be keeping an impeachment trial for him since he’s not president any more. Since he is a former president,” mentioned Maddow. “I am below to tell you, dude does not concur that he is a former president. And he is not letting everyone to explain him that way.”

“If that is the trapdoor they’re going to use to attempt to get him out of a Senate impeachment conviction, he is likely to fight it,” she ongoing. “He insists he simply cannot be referred to as a previous president. He ought to be named the 45th president. He’s even now employing the presidential seal. There’s no signal that he concedes that you can find now a 46th president so he’s an ex. I mean, how a lot of ticks are we away from him saying that he is however in office environment, that he continue to has the powers of the presidency? That he is rightfully even now president?”

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