September 21, 2023


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The Framers eradicated democracy 246 years ago … – Alton Drew

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Mr Biden’s bash has initiated a crucible, the January 6th hearings, placing the Republican Social gathering, specifically Donald Trump and his cabal, on demo for attacking “democracy.”  It is an irony well worth a brief digress.  Above the earlier twenty many years, Democrats have taken problem with America’s “institutions of democracy.” 

Progressives took problem when the Electoral Faculty gave George W. Bush a victory above Albert Gore in November 2000.  In 2016, the Electoral School handed Donald J. Trump a victory around Hillary Clinton.  Progressive Democrats have been calling for the dismantling of the Electoral University, referring to it as “archaic” and “anti-democratic” mainly because it handed victories to candidates that did not generate the popular vote.

In 2020, Donald Trump challenged the final results of the election and even questioned his vice-president, Mike Pence, to decertify the electoral ballot rely.  Mr Trump also went to courtroom in a quantity of states to challenge and overturn election final results.  A mob rush on the Capitol Developing for the duration of the certification of Electoral Faculty votes only buttressed the Democrats’ argument that Mr Trump was far more interested in tyrannical rule than the defense of democracy.

The factor is, The united states is not a democracy.  1 person, just one vote was by no means the intent of the framers of the U.S. Structure.  The framers never meant for direct election by voters-taxpayers of the chief executive. Symbolic, in-immediate participation in the procedure, alright.  Immediate participation, hell no, and neatly so.

Why do I say, “smartly so”?  Immediate democracy is tyrannical. I uncover almost nothing appealing in masses of men and women getting sway about my personal, domestic choices because of “majority rule.”  Also, why deceive voters into believing that their personal vote issues when campaigns financed by a numerical minority of rich donors and campaigns operate by an educated and disconnected political course.

And moreover, the greater part of electorate-taxpayers barely read and know minor to almost nothing of America’s political background.  Matter to media persuasion and unread on their political ecosystem, I would rather immigrants freshly minted as US citizens be the sole entrants in a voting booth.  At least they would have a fresh new comprehending of their adopted political system.  

No portion of the process for electing a president outside of the Electoral Faculty is democratic.  The masses pick out a slate of electors and that is the extent of their participation.  This is not ancient Greece.  If there is anything at all these white boys from 1776 ended up appropriate about is that you don’t want a bunch of rambunctious, more than psychological, suffering and suffering forms acquiring direct participation in the process.

There was no assault on democracy for the reason that the election process for president does not make it possible for for democracy.  Democracy does not exist.  If any individual attacked democracy it was the Constitution’s framers.  They denied the masses democracy 246 several years back.  

Alton Drew

13 June 2022    


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