March 29, 2023


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The Hazards of a DIY Marriage Annulment

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A quick search on your browser will return many websites that offer low costs for divorce cases. Usually, a DIY annulment needs to fill out all the necessary paperwork, file a divorce case, arrange various servicesfor your spouse, and many other things involved all by yourself. Unsurprisingly, a DIY divorce can come with many dangers.

While you may want to take this route, DIY divorce comes with hidden dangers, and no protection will be available after divorce. The Law Office of William D. Pruette, Divorce Attorney Fort Worth, portrays some of the risks you may face when you opt for a DIY divorce.

  1. Unequal property division

Many people and companies advocate for a DIY divorce, but it is not the right course to take. According to the New York Times,it saves on cost when you do the divorce yourself.Some divorce cases might cost as high as $15,000, yet you cut on cost when you do it yourself. 

Property division under DIY divorce can be complicated.Without a divorce attorney, one partner can walk away with less than they deserve or more than the other partner. Subpar property division in divorce can lead to future financial consequences.

  1. Child custody problems

Without a proper parenting plan involving minor kids, getting child custody will be an issue. Having a parenting plan will indicate how well you are equipped and prepared to take care of the children.Without a parenting plan, you can not be granted custody for your children and future custody.

Typically, a DIY divorce fails to look into this matter, and children might end up with the wrong custodian.

  1. Mental Health problems

Getting to do all the required paperwork and finish the process as an individual can be challenging and emotional. That is why this is the time you need entirely emotional support inthe divorce process.

Divorce is the second most distressing life experienceafter losing a loved one.Even the strongest people can be rocked when going through a divorce.This is regarding the Huffing post on emotional overwhelm due to divorce.

Involving an attorney is suitable for managing emotional overwhelm. Divorce attorney, Fort Worth, helpsclients through the divorce process from the beginning and through the final stages. Usually, attorneys will keep in touch weeks or months later after divorce to check on you.

  1. Wrong Paperwork

A divorce process needs plenty of paperwork. Failing to fill or a mistake in filling a paper, say ticking the wrong box, can haunt you later in the future, maybe in theform of property division and many others. Unfortunately, some errors are realized when it cannot be undone, and the decision is final.

An attorney will ensure all the paperwork is filled out correctly before processing the items.

  1. Fraud

Some spouses are never transparent 100% with their finances. Typically, when going through a divorce, they can deceive you also through the process. According to Stowe Family Law, a spouse can have ill motives when going through the divorce process.

The fraud cases are to benefit oneself or have less responsibility in taking care of children. Adivorce attorney will ensure none of this happens.

Do you want to do a DIY divorce? 

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