December 3, 2023


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The report by the President’s Commission on Legislation Enforcement and the Administration of Justice

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There are two means to study the last report by the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice, submitted Dec. 22 by Lawyer Normal William Barr on the eve of his early departure from the Justice Section.

The to start with is to see it as the totally illegitimate, politically self-serving protection of retrograde policing practices that it is. It reflects the commission’s unbalanced membership (it consisted only of law enforcement officials), its absence of civil legal rights or racial justice views and its illegal proceedings held with inadequate community see or community input. The rogue panel’s do the job was so lawfully out of bounds that a federal decide purchased the last products to be emblazoned with a distinguished disclaimer or withheld entirely. The mandated wording appears on the report’s within entrance include, and the court’s get is connected. | Newsphere by AF themes.