September 28, 2023


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The Results Are In – The Hugh Hewitt Show

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Tue, Apr 19, 2022  | 
By John Schroeder

The Outcomes Are In

A judge handed the CDC its head about the mask mandate.  It was stupid to begin with – a political stunt – due to the fact airways were being already necessitating them when the CDC came alongside and did so.  It was a electrical power seize and guess what?  The decide mentioned you do not have that electricity.  Supplied how quite a few companies produced ability grabs of various types, some not so publicly evident, I question if we’ll ever get this mess sorted out.

Unsurprisingly, pupils have neglected how to understand.  (Original source)

Many learners whose previous years of significant college were being disrupted by the pandemic are battling academically in the foundational school programs they need to have to realize success later on in their tutorial and professional occupations. Professors and learners say the remote understanding that pupils were being stuck with during the pandemic was not as superior as what they would have experienced in particular person. The students were being also normally distracted — attempting to find out whilst grappling with wellness, economic and family members stressors.

Now, soon after two yrs of cobbled-alongside one another pandemic mastering, quite a few higher education learners not only are a lot less ready than they should really be, they’ve forgotten how to be students.

“I’m shocked, shocked I inform you.”

Just set when it arrives to the pandemic there was response with no rationality, motion with no believed.  Political theater and advantage-signaling took precedent over reasoned motion and helpful measures.  We dropped our minds and are nonetheless attempting to recover them.

Here’s what problems me most.  Will we admit our errors?  The benefits are ever more in and the photo is not very.  But when it comes to media and govt I hold hearing excuses and looking at shrugs, not a legitimate evaluate and examination of the info on the ground.  I question the tools exist to evaluate the financial carnage that surrounds us.  We can appear at bits and items – the inflation level – lost revenues – items like that, but a overall photo is not likely.  I know we absence the equipment to different the devastation because of to the disorder from the large problems produced by our plainly incompetent reaction to the condition.  And the people that created all these issues are going to get advantage of that absence.  They are heading to blame the germ, not themselves.

Which means we are doomed to a lot more of same.  Only subsequent time the threshold of “emergency” will be even reduce and the electrical power grabbed will be even increased.


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