December 10, 2023


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The Washington Monthly’s Passion for Solutions

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Six years ago, I left the federal government to pursue my passion for politics. My enthusiasm was quickly tempered by horror on Election Night 2016. Like so many of us, I felt stunned, and crushed by a wave of powerlessness. As we entered the Donald Trump era, I pulled off the cloak of anonymity I’d worn as a career federal employee working in the top reaches of government. I garnered the courage to share my experiences and knowledge on Twitter. As a platform and community, Twitter helped me to realize that I could use my years of legal experience to teach and offer hope during a bleak period for the country. The responses and the who’s who of followers I gained proved that ordinary citizens, journalists, and major legal and political figures cared about fact-based information and wanted to hear what I had to say.

Thanks to Twitter, the Washington Monthly found me and, to my good fortune, asked me to write pieces longer than 280 characters. I tackled topics ranging from the dearth of Justice Department whistle-blowers under Trump to the former president’s impeachment. With encouragement from my new Monthly colleagues, my feeling of powerlessness evolved into a passion for solution-based journalism. Those warm coworkers allowed me to bring new authors to the Monthly, including the former prosecutor Kim Wehle, the historian Lindsay Chervinsky, and the best-selling author and white-collar-crime expert Jennifer Taub.

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