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Are You Contemplating of Filing a Trademark Opposition? These Procedures Can Enable

The Trademark Trial and Attraction Board (TTAB) is a one of a kind, federal administrative physique which provides trademark candidates with a remarkably-concentrated avenue to go after adversarial moves versus trademark infringers (amongst other things to do). If you are planning to file a trademark opposition (or trademark cancelation for that subject), it is crucial to recall that the TTAB is an administrative courtroom, and you are embarking on a formal legal method, much akin to a classic litigation in a conventional court home. TTAB steps will require time, income, and a good deal of attention and just one should really attempt to have a broad feeling of what has served litigants be successful or fail in past scenarios. The objective of this Memorandum is to give trademark litigants with insights into productive (and not so thriving) tactics for TTAB conditions.

DO: Understand WHAT THE TTAB CAN AND Just cannot DO When compared TO A FEDERAL COOURT

The TTAB has confined jurisdiction and it is crucial to understand the types of relief that the Board can offer to the get-togethers to the motion. The TTAB has the electricity to adjudicate issues of Trademark Registrability It does not have the power to determine the appropriate to use a trademark or adjudicate challenges relevant to unfair competition, infringement, or damages. Thus, procedurally, a party to a TTAB Opposition can make the course of action very distressing for his opponent since he does not have to worry about the threat of sanctions (economic or if not) for not honoring the Federal Regulations of Civil Treatment (FRCP) or the procedural norms of the TTAB. For case in point, a defendant who continually offers nonsensical responses to Requests for Admissions in the course of the Discovery section of the process effectively forces the plaintiff to draft motion following motion to Compel acceptable responses This can need quite a little bit of time and revenue and the simple fact that the TTAB’s enforcement powers do not increase to sanctions signifies that these sorts of terrible faith strategic moves can go on in various types ad infinitum. Trademark Jurisprudence does of study course recognize that the TTAB really should not necessarily be the stop of a trademark dispute and therefore, choices created by TTAB can be Appealed to possibly a United States District Court docket or the United States Court docket of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. (Professional Suggestion: in phrases of scheduling, a district court will very likely be stricter about granting extensions than TTAB. If both of those get-togethers concur to an extension, then TTAB may well grant a person, but a district court’s guidelines and strategies urge events to settle or transfer in advance and established a day for demo.)

Don’t: Miss out on A DEADLINE AT THE TRADEMARK Trial AND Attractiveness BOARD (TTAB)

Although TTAB allows extensions in certain eventualities, holding observe of deadlines when involved in a trademark opposition is essential. Particularly, the TTAB will not think about suspending the 30 day time restrict to file a trademark opposition for any reason, in accordance to Part 209.01, despite the fact that an opposer may perhaps file a request for extension of time. Also, the deadline to serve discovery, which is at least 30 days prior to the conclusion of the expiration period, cannot be extended.  Deadlines are essential because must a get together miss out on a specified deadline, the occasion could relinquish his/her suitable to item to an merchandise that need to have if not been responded to by the deadline. For case in point, if a celebration does not offer responses to a Ask for for Admissions during the Discovery period, he/she will shed the appropriate to object to the Ask for which will in fact offer a big boon to the opposing get together. Trademark attorneys have precise docketing software which makes it possible for them to keep an eye on deadlines and prepare accordingly.

DO: Turn out to be Common WITH THE TTAB Regulations

The Trademark Trial and Enchantment Board Guide of Procedure (TBMP) can fairly be believed of as the office environment rule guide fort the TTAB.  It is in truth the bedrock “Manual of Procedure” for issues introduced in advance of the Trademark Demo and Attractiveness Board and is arranged according to the following chapters:

  1. (0100) – Typical Details
  3. (0300) – PLEADINGS
  4. (0400) – DISCOVERY
  7. (0700) – Trial Technique AND INTRODUCITON OF Proof
  8. (0800) – BRIEFS ON Case, ORAL Listening to, Ultimate Decision
  9. (0900) – Overview OF Choice OF BOARD
  10. (1000) – INTERFERENCES




It is essential that a get together to the TTAB familiarizes him/herself with the TMEP procedure and learns to navigate the library of guidelines to locate rules and stipulations that benefit the scenario.

Of course, the TBMP is only one particular piece of the trademark litigation puzzle. The Federal Procedures of Civil Course of action and the Lanham Act (15 U.S.C. 1051) govern trademark regulation as effectively and should be thought of for a broader examination of the presented dispute. These disparate but however highly intertwined guidelines definitely do make any difference and even if a occasion has “the successful argument”, a procedural oversight resulting from a misunderstanding of the regulations can be expensive. It is significant that your trademark attorney has familiarity with both of those transactional trademark legislation (submitting trademark programs) but also trademark litigation which is governed by these more abstract and specialized provisions.

Do not: Turn out to be BLINDLY Self-assured

Filing Trademark Opposition Problems is of course a costly undertaking and when done properly, requires a fantastic amount of money of research and planning it is comprehensible that opposers may perhaps be lulled into a fake sense of stability and dismiss any weaknesses in their situation. Do not get Complacent! Truly do your due diligence prior to filing the real criticism and have a rock-solid approach for how you will be ready to gain and establish each element of the complaint in your ultimate transient. You should strive to assure that the things which contains the foundation of the Complaint can ultimately be supported in your Short. At all moments, consult with your trademark lawyer to establish the viability of marshaling plenty of proof to assist these claims.

DO: Take TIME TO Assess YOUR Case

It might be tempting to file a trademark opposition any time an software appears on the Trademark Formal Gazette that appears far too related to your trademark. Nevertheless, the likelihood of confusion normal calls for a lot more than passing similarity. Replacing this tactic with one particular that contains comprehensive analysis just before submitting any trademark opposition should really lead to a lot more prosperous and meaningful outcomes when the opposer goes ahead with filing trademark oppositions.


Because of the TTAB’s rigorous regulations about the timing of submitting a notice of trademark opposition, it is strategically crucial (dare I say vital) to plan ahead. This consists of establishing a method for monitoring third-celebration trademarks both through the Trademark Formal Gazette and elsewhere. Look at the conditions which would warrant filing a see of trademark opposition and when it could possibly be prudent (certainly from a expense point of view) to let the mark progress to registration and then shift as a substitute with a trademark cancellation continuing. When opposing a trademark will always be a complex system, investing time and resources into handling an current trademark enables an opposer to begin the method in a more good placement.

Need Help WITH A TRADEMARK OPPOSITION Continuing?: Speak TO AN IP Attorney

If you need to have enable with a trademark opposition proceeding, you should get to out to us. Our Trademark attorneys would adore to chat and go over your circumstance.

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