September 30, 2023


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Ukrainian Ambassador To Tehran: Abandoning Nukes A Mistake

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Sergey Bordiliak built the comment in an special interview with Iran’s Tasnim Information Agency.

He then strongly criticized Russia for attacking Ukraine, saying Russia attacked Ukraine inspite of that it is familiar with Kiev will not be authorized to be a part of NATO.

Bordiliak then drew a parallel between his state and Finland and Sweden that have proposed to be part of the alliance and their proposal has been accepted.

The Ukrainian envoy dismissed Russia’s claim that it’s looking for to ‘denazify’ Ukraine, saying there are no neo-Nazi groups in his place.

Bordiliak denied that the Azof Battalion is a neo-Nazi group. He said the militia group consists of Jews, Tatars, Poles and even Muslims. He described the Muslim associates of the Azov Battalion as really specialist fighters.

The Ukrainian ambassador said the Russian invasion was a personal choice by the country’s President Vladimir Putin and has almost nothing to do with neo-Nazism.

Bordiliak accused Russia of committing war crimes in Ukraine, professing that the killings in Bucha, a suburb of Kiev, has been eclipsed by the Russian Army’s crimes in other sections of Ukraine.

He extra that independent businesses have verified Ukraine’s claim that the Russians committed all those war crimes and they have recorded all pieces of proof offering the crimes which include the Bucha killings and the assault on the Kramatorsk Railway Station.

Somewhere else in the interview, Bordiliak rejected the idea that the US is the winner of the Ukraine-Russia war. He claimed the true winner of the conflict is China.

He extra that several intellectuals and politicians in Ukraine have arrived at the summary that the country’s choice to abandon its nuclear arsenal was a big mistake. Bordiliak mentioned quite a few countries including Russia gave security assures in exchange for its abandonment of its nukes.

He also stated Ukrainians did not even think about that one particular of individuals guarantors, namely Russia, would 1 day wage war on their state.


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