October 3, 2023


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USCIS Los Angeles

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USCIS is the federal agency that oversees lawful immigration to the United States. We help people become citizens and live their best lives in the United States.

In areas with high COVID-19 levels, field offices may require masks for visitors. Be sure to check out our current COVID information before visiting your local office.

What to Bring

Generally, people who visit USCIS Los Angeles have an appointment. They should be prepared to wait in line, but the process can be expedited by bringing all of the necessary documents.

People should bring their application packet, proof of their identity, and payment for all forms and fees. They should also keep copies of all receipts. This will help them if they need to follow up on the status of their case, or if they have any questions for the officer.

In some cases, people may need to bring back fingerprint cards. This can happen if they are filing an asylum application or withholding of removal. This is important because it ensures that the fingerprint card never leaves the LEA or DHS component responsible for collecting it, until it gets returned to USCIS.

People whose applications require fingerprints should make sure to come prepared with an appropriate ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. People who have medical conditions that prevent them from being able to provide fingerprints should speak with the officer about getting a waiver.

Online Filing

USCIS offers many services online, including filing forms, paying fees and tracking case status. You can access these tools by creating a USCIS online account. By creating an account, you can get the most up-to-date information on processing times, work options and more.

To check processing times, select the type of application from the first dropdown box and the field office or service center handling your case from the second dropdown box. Then scroll down to see the range of times that the majority of cases fall into.

The USCIS website also has a list of more than 70 Deferred Inspection sites. These locations help people who believe that the documentation and endorsements they received at their port of entry require review and correction. They also help people reopen removal proceedings that were closed because of a violation of the terms of their admission to the United States. The fees for these services vary. Select the “USCIS Fees” page to learn more.

Citizenship Resources

Getting naturalized demonstrates a deep commitment to and loyalty to the United States and its Constitution. It also entitles you to all the rights and privileges of US citizenship, including voting in elections and running for public office.

If you have questions about the citizenship process, or want to learn more about your rights and responsibilities, USCIS has many resources for you. You can find information on the steps to become a citizen, study materials for the citizenship test, and interactive practice tests. There are even materials available in other languages.

The website also has an email box for general inquiries and a virtual assistant named Emma that can answer basic questions and direct you to the right information. Benefit requestors can also reach a live representative by phone through the Contact Center, although these representatives cannot review pending petitions and applications or respond to requests for evidence or duplicate notices of action. They can however, refer you to an immigration attorney or accredited representative if you need further assistance.

Naturalization Resources

If you’re applying for citizenship or need to pay a fee for an immigration service, you can make these payments at the Los Angeles field office. USCIS provides special self-service kiosks for these purposes, which you can use during the office’s regular hours of operation.

You can also find basic information about your case without visiting a field office. For example, you can learn about how long it takes to process an application by using our online tools.

To see if you’re eligible for a waiver or reduced fee for an immigration service, check the New Americans Campaign website. It includes a database of community based organizations funded by USCIS that offer free legal services and English/citizenship classes. In addition, you can also find legal aid providers by region and state. Remember that weapons like knives, pepper spray, and ammunition are prohibited inside USCIS offices. You can read more about this in the federal regulations.

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