June 1, 2023


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Wait around, what!? Tesla’s harmful butterfly steering wheel is essentially lawful in the Uk

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Very last week, Tesla unveiled images and stats for its 2021 Model S refresh. Even although it was possible keen to wow folks with the impressive Plaid drivetrain, it was the damn butterfly steering wheel that caught everyone’s eye.

Some cherished it, some hated, but practically all of us experienced no idea whether or not it was even authorized.

Based on data we uncovered at Change, we resolved that it most likely would not make it into creation. All publicly readily available restrictions recommended that steering wheels have to be spherical and finish to be legal in the US.

Even so, Highway and Keep track of contacted the Nationwide Highway Transportation Security Administration, which, with a bemused glimpse on its facial area, declared that it didn’t actually know if the “yoke steerer” is legal or not.

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Credit history: Tesla