September 30, 2023


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Jeffrey Epstein is only just one of the good lots of figures inside the western entire world who had wealth and influence who have proven them selves to be absolutely corrupted souls engaged in evil pursuits which have blighted so numerous lives. There are so many conditions which have appear to light-weight in latest occasions throughout the West in which these types of individuals have risen to prominence in the western procedure of casino capitalism and aggressive competition.

In the Usa the #MeToo scandal with Harvey Weinstein at its centre plainly revealed that the western world experienced an huge trouble linked with elite electrical power and its abuse. The #BlackLivesMatter motion also confirmed an institutional racism had survived there. Numerous economical scandals down the a long time also bolstered the perspective that there was one thing rotten at the main of western capitalism.

In Britain the paedophile scandals encompassing some of the most well known people and earlier nicely-revered figures reflected a identical decay of common ethical and moral requirements.

These are only the most outward and publicised signs and examples of a decay that has been a lengthy-standing function of western existence and their systemic roots.

The malaise goes a lot deeper and has a lengthy history. This plague of internal and outer decay has developed for decades and has been rising ever far more clearly in new decades. The elements exactly where moral and moral decay can be observed most clearly fluctuate throughout a platform of vices in the West from pornography to hard drug use to company criminality to thoughts-bending cults to challenging main crime, to increasing gun use and violence to an at any time-escalating nihilism of youth. A decay in value systems from community to petty crime, tax avoidance and the fostering of a shallow pseudo-celeb form of elitist fascism, has permeated western cultures far more and far more in the latest yrs, leaving these shallow “open minds” prey to massive federal government conditioning.

Western societies have been hollowed out in regard to integrity, fundamental common feeling and any popular trace of mental skill allowing scrutiny of the pernicious guidelines of their governments. This has turn into a relative rarity exterior the realm of purely selfish gratification. This has resulted in a majority who are so drowned in the sleazy milieu of own ambition and indulgence that they are now pretty much incapable of rational considered. This is the greater part who can now be guided like sheep to the slaughter in guidance of whichever felony functions their point out functionaries need they acquiesce to.

These are the routine change wars dependent on lies cynically channelled by western states via a corrupted and wholly complicit western mainstream media. These scarcely camouflaged racist wars would have been inconceivable to the public of western states if not for a conditioned blindness that has been cautiously fostered in the vast majority by their state establishments.

From 2007 and a specific speech in Munich we have witnessed all of the elements higher than utilized in the most complete act of cynical conditioning that outdoes something tried right before, a significantly far more pervasive and universal amount of hardly concealed propaganda that has underpinned the conditioning of shallow western minds by its emphasis on 1 gentleman, Vladimir Putin.

This culmination of a common shallowness of intellect and the progressively degraded and distracted character of western minds exactly where the potential to perceive reality has been dimmed and the standard notion of reality conditioned, has been set to helpful use by western states. This course of action, actively pursued given that 2007 has still left a western community as reactive as Pavlov’s Puppies.

The common fogged mentality with all its attendant seducing physical content would like and desires blended in with escalating phobias and sickness-inducing habits and vulnerabilities has manufactured western populations an outstanding target for Machiavellian techniques of management and manipulation. This is now currently being employed to tutorial help for an extremist Ukrainian regime exactly where modern-day day Nazis hold de facto electric power in opposition to a Russia looking for to unseat them.

George Orwell foresaw all of this prolonged decades prior to of system. He foresaw the bleating western “sheep” in nearly total docility shifting inexorably towards the pretty productive, condition-operated, abattoir of the thoughts.

Luckily most nations throughout the world have all-natural cultural antibodies to this procedure, cultures founded on resource-lousy circumstances the place excessive is unheard of and in which minds must keep on being sharp, inform and centered to guarantee mutual survival and where lengthy-managed traditions and levels of cultural integrity would hazard the perils of anarchic chaos and terminal degrees of poverty if abandoned. They are well informed of the challenges they’d run if they took the western street to rampant extra, waste, gleeful irresponsibility, nihilism, a sexual cost-free-for-all, rabid, doggy-consume-puppy opposition, all section and parcel of a reduced-integrity, sexual and corporate downward spiral to moral and ethical decay.

The nations standing versus the collective western globe at this instant, specifically these of Russia and China, are people who dare to protect themselves in opposition to a western globe that has usually to some degree evidenced its immorality and unethical foundations but is now in terminal moral and moral decrease. They stand more and more united, stronger than at any time right before and far more decided than at any time just before not to be taken down by the quick-disintegrating West or to be taken down by it.

No… the West will by itself descend the bathroom bowl of background, as all former empires of unsaveable decadence have accomplished in advance of it. There is obviously no preserving it, especially now as it has come to be universally imbued with the point out-designed lies that blind it to the fact of the circumstance in Ukraine and the oncoming multipolar planet in which its noticeable and ever-worsening degradation has no first rate location.

WE ARE Encountering THE Moral, Economic & Ethical Demise KNELL OF THE WEST


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