December 10, 2023


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What are legal and tax implications of swapping homes but not possession? | Home

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Q I personal a dwelling that I pay the house loan on. My mothers and fathers stay just close to the corner in a near-identical property, despite the fact that it has a downstairs extension and a loft conversion. They own the house outright and have no home loan. We would dearly adore some extra area in our home but somewhat than pay for a loft conversion we are checking out the probability of swapping houses with my mother and father. They are in their late 70s and no lengthier need to have a residence that measurement, so it would match equally events correctly.

We are not looking at swapping possession of the homes, simply swapping living arrangements. I would nevertheless spend the mortgage loan on my property and no other dollars or hire would be associated. If both social gathering needed to promote their home, then we would just swap back again in get to do this.

My problem is whether this is authorized and irrespective of whether there are any other tax implications included? I have not spoken to my property finance loan loan provider but but I’m assuming this would be the most probably stumbling block.

A You certainly need to have to discuss to your lender but it may possibly not be the stumbling block you expect it to be. What is possible is that your loan provider will want your dad and mom to indication an occupier consent form. Even although you are not transferring ownership of your dwelling to your mom and dad, by residing in your residence – which is properly lawful – your dad and mom can receive a authorized interest in the assets despite not becoming the registered house owners of it. For the loan company, that would suggest that in the occasion of your defaulting on your home finance loan, it would not get vacant possession of the property in purchase to repossess it since your parents would have acquired the ideal to carry on residing there.

By signing the lender’s occupier consent type, your mother and father would waive that right and so concur to vacate the property in the function of a repossession. Your parents may want to take into account finding you to do a thing identical, so that they can get their dwelling again when they want. All of you should look at drawing up a prepared agreement to steer clear of attainable misunderstandings in the potential.

As considerably as tax implications go, because you are not transferring possession of your houses, you do not have to have to be concerned about stamp responsibility land tax nor does cash gains tax grow to be an situation. But the two you and your moms and dads need to sign up to pay out council tax at the deal with of the home that will be your/their dwelling.

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