A bomb was set off Christmas Day in Nashville. The suspect has since been found dead. Now, law enforcement is trying to determine what the motive could have been. The problem is, we may never know what the real motive was.

An RV was sitting on a quiet street on Christmas morning. Then, a recorded warning played followed by a huge explosion.

Law enforcement rushed to the scene where the bombing took place. Now, figuring out the why is important in determining if there are any other possible copycats.

Jim Derrane is a retired FBI agent who spent years investigating and researching why people do this.

“Law enforcement will do a comprehensive investigation looking into his background and his political beliefs and his societal beliefs and they’re going to have to put a puzzle together,” said Derrane.

Those pieces of the puzzle will likely come from two areas including suspect Anthony Warner’s digital footprint and interviews from witnesses. They need to see what websites he went to, who he communicated with, and what kind of chatrooms he may have been in.

They’re also wondering if he confided in anyone before the attack about his plans. A person the FBI interviewed said that Warner gave them his car about a week prior to the attack, citing that he had cancer and no longer needed it.

There seems to be quite a bit of speculation about why Warner may have done this. He could’ve been anti-technology or had some sort of gripe with AT&T. The FBI, ATF and Nashville police are busy investigating that right now.

Investigators are currently in the process of trying to recover a damaged hard drive believed to be Warner’s.

Currently, the authorities say the evidence points to him acting alone in this attack.