June 1, 2023


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Why is PIP Important in Florida?

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A History Of PIP Insurance In Florida And What The Future Has In Store -  News

Florida requires all drivers to carry PIP (personal injury protection) and PDL (property damage liability) insurance because the state follows the no-fault auto insurance system. This means that when you get hurt in a car crash, your own PIP coverage will cover your medical expenses. You won’t need to wait for the insurance companies to determine fault for the crash. 

The reason for this is that under no-fault auto insurance rules, PIP must cover insured individuals, whether or not they were at fault for or caused the crash. While it might seem unfair that you’re stuck paying the medical expenses for an accident you did not cause, the no-fault rules effectively streamline the insurance claims process. It reduces all the back-and-forth discussions with insurers and ensures that they get the compensation they need on time. 

With PIP insurance, you also won’t need to worry if any of the following happens to you:

  • You get injured, and the other motorist flees the accident scene.
  • You get injured, and the other motorist does not have insurance coverage.
  • The other motorist has insurance coverage, but it’s insufficient to cover your medical bills. 

PIP likewise covers up to 60% of lost income and coverage for the policyholder’s children and household members. Take note, however, that for certain passengers, their own PIP insurance will cover them if they were riding with you during the crash. 

The Drawbacks of PIP in Florida

The PIP coverage limit in Florida is $10,000, which means that if your medical expenses go over $10,000, you will have to pay for the rest. Likewise, the no-fault rules significantly limit the right of injured individuals to bring a claim against an at-fault party for non-medical or non-economic damages, such as mental distress and pain and suffering. In this case, you will need an attorney to determine whether you have a valid claim against the at-fault driver and guide you through the personal injury claims process. 

In addition, while the no-fault system was developed to provide injured individuals compensation quickly, a claim may still be delayed, depending on the circumstances. Unless the insurer suspects fraud, claimants can receive PIP benefits within 30 days of filing their claim. 

On the other hand, if the insurer suspects fraud, you’ll need to wait longer for their decision. When this happens, the insurance provider will investigate the claim before deciding whether they’ll give you PIP benefits. For injured individuals who have genuine claims and are short on funds, this can cause increased stress and worry. 

Seek Legal Advice From an Experienced Florida Car Accident Attorney

Depending on the circumstances of your case, ensuring that you receive all the PIP benefits you’re entitled to may be difficult. Likewise, any error in your paperwork and supporting evidence can result in the denial of your claim. 

If you were injured in a crash in Florida, reach out to Demand The Limits right away. You can set up a free case assessment with our Florida car accident attorney by sending us an online message or calling our office at 561-600-3555. 

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